OCC – Fraud Resources

Fraud Resources

Through its regulatory oversight of national banks, the OCC works to implement legislation designed to detect, identify, and prevent financial crimes and fraud. You can play a role as well by reporting crimes and fraudulent activities, filing complaints with the appropriate agency, and learning more about consumer fraud.

Report Financial Crimes and Fraudulent Activities

Contact the police or your local FBI office.
Report Internet phishing to the Anti-phishing Working Group.

File a Complaint

Regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), generally do not resolve individual consumer complaints, so why should you file a complaint with them? These agencies compile individual complaints into databases used by law enforcement agencies to detect patterns of criminal activity, to open investigations, and to pursue prosecutions.

United States Postal Inspection Service Mail Fraud Complaint Form
Report attempts to fraudulently obtain money or valuables through the postal system.

Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant
Report identity theft or complaints regarding credit reports, debt collectors, or poor business practices.

Internet Crime Complaint Center
Report spam, attempts to fraudulently obtain money or valuables, and criminal activity (threats, hacking, child pornography, copyright infringement) using the Internet.

Learn More about Consumer Fraud

Criminals are constantly thinking up ways to get access to your financial information or to get cash from you or your account. Arm yourself with the information you need to protect yourself from these scams.

More Resources

Visit the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection and perform a key word search to learn about other types of scams.

Visit OCC’s Help with my Bank for Answers about Forgery and Fraud and other consumer-related information.

Related News and Issuances
Publish Date Identifier Title
11/16/2011 Alert 2011-9, Fraudulent Correspondence Purportedly Issued by PNC Bank, N.A.
09/30/2011 Alert 2011-8, Counterfeit Cashier’s Checks of The Bank of Crossville, A Branch of the First National Bank of Pikeville, Pikeville, TN
07/19/2011 Alert 2011-7, Counterfeit Cashier’s Checks of Extraco Banks, N.A., Temple, Texas
06/01/2011 CA 2011-2, Avoiding ‘Card Skimming’ at ATMs and Other Money Machines
10/21/2009 NR 2009-124, OCC Supports Protect Your Identity Week

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