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  3. Please provide in your Library case law and trademark information regarding America’s Wholesale Lender a Corporation existing under the Laws of New York address 4500 Park Granada, Calabasas CA and Bank of America foreclosure Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc as Current Mortgagee and Bank of New York Mellon fka CWABS 2007-2 Asset Backed Certificates Trustee. Any information you can provide will help. On Jan 7 2014 Bank of America is foreclosing on property on behalf of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. Bank of America foreclosure Division Recontrust a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America wrote to me and I quote “As nominee, MERS is authorized to take any action required of the Lender America’s Wholesale Lender which includes assigning all beneficial interest to another entity. Bank of New York appinted Recontrust Company N.A. as the new trustee. Where is the evidence of this?

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