Where’s the Note?!

Did you know that many mortgage lenders are displacing families and forcefully taking possession of millions of homes they have no legal right to?

Were you told by the servicer that the only way to modify your mortgage was to be in default for 3-4 months?  Many servicers refuse to really work with homeowners, offering them a few useless options and giving them bad advice before telling them “YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO SELL”.

In most cases, these “loan servicers” do not own your mortgage and actually make more money servicing delinquent loans. As a result, they have no interest in contacting the true mortgage owner who may be willing to work with you – especially if they know there is a fraudulent history to your mortgage loan.

With your documents DOCTEL PORTAL can assist you in the search to locate your mortgage loan. Knowing where your loan is… or is supposed to be located can be of vital importance to you and your attorney.

Check the Library section on Doctel Portal for various documents concerning mortgage loans, foreclosure and fraud.

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